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Luna Venice - Wood Fired Tabletop Pizza Oven

Luna Venice - Wood Fired Tabletop Pizza Oven

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 Cook amazing wood-fired pizza in only 15 minutes
with the new Luna Venice tabletop pizza oven.
Using hardwood pellets the Luna Venice can reach
a temperature of 500 ̊C in the time it takes you to roll
your dough. The innovative retractable pizza stone
makes it easy to check and turn your pizza without the
risk of burning it. While the gravity-fed pellet hopper
takes the hassle out of feeding the fire. Become a
wood-fired pizza expert in no time with the light weight
and portable Luna Venice.

  • Amazing wood fired pizzas without the hassle.
  • Uses hardwood pellets which produce extremely high heat.
  • Reach temperatures of up to 500 ̊C in 15 minutes.
  • Retractable pizza stone for easy access.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Cooks 12” pizza, flat breads, roasted vegetables,
  • fish, meat, let your imagination run wild!
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